Our Philosophy

I would like to welcome you to our spa and invite you to become better acquainted with the world of skin care and beauty.

Having bad skin, aging or acne problems can be a frustrating experience. You likely know what it is that you wish to improve, but knowing how to achieve clear and perfect skin and finding who is qualified to help you with this can be a difficult task. In our modern culture of American mass media and hype, it is often hard to decipher between fleeting beauty fads and truly reliable and effective skin treatments.

I believe and love educating my clients so they have the knowledge for healthy skin for the rest of their lives. Every person has a slightly different skin anatomy based on their genetics and their daily habits. I believe that a truly successful result is not only having the right service, but also achieving the result that best fits the client’s needs and expectations.

I became interested in skin care during my earliest years when I first came to San Francisco. In 1991 I came to the United States and in 1992 I received my aesthetician license. I worked at large resort Spas like the Grand Hyatt San Maritz and the Hilton hotel before opening my own spa in 1998. I have been operating Advanced Skin Care Clinic for over 15 years!

Starting my own spa was a difficult choice, however I knew I had to do it because of my unique combination of European skin care knowledge and use of American tools and technology. To date, I have accumulated a very large amount of practical experience in helping people achieve their best possible look.

Exceptional results are very important to me for all my clients. My commitment to your care and comfort is always my first concern. I look forward to meeting with you and helping you with your beauty needs soon!


-Alexandra Dubinsky (AKA Alex)